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Fileder Water Supply Unit WSU 2 mini

Technical specifications WSU 2 mini

• Economical and resource-saving production of ultrapure water for laboratory use and in-vitro diagnostics
• Simple and quick (< 1 min.) consumables replacement by the user
• Simple and safe sampling point

Operating principle

Multi-stage ion exchanger with UV disinfection and sterile filter units


Output Conductivity

TOC-value (Total Organic Carbon)



> 10 MΩ

<1.0 µS/cm

<500 ppb

<1 cfu/ml

0.2 µm


• Web-based interface for real-time data monitoring
• Bench-top system
• Recommended: Pre-filtration unit

  • Pre-filtration unit for fair or decent water quality, mountable on trolley
  • Pre-filtration unit for poor and very poor water quality, on trolley

• Leakage sensor included
• WSU 2 mini: 20 L/h withdrawal volume
• Meets the Specification of all cobas instruments by Roche Diagnostics
• Temperature-compensated conductivity measurement
• Dynamic maintenance intervals depending on consumption and water input quality
(The device displays when something needs to be changed)
• Independent emergency supply function with conductivity monitoring
• Quick exchange of consumables (resin, filters, UV-lamp) < 1 min.

  • Control unit: 

  • Microcontroller system with touch display
  • Fixed alarm for resistivity 1µS/cm
  • Network connection for remote monitoring
  • Sterile filter:

  • 1x sterile filter with filtrate connections
  • Membrane: 0,2 µm
  • Filtration performance: 2,5 L/min
  • Max. filtration pressure: 2,0 bar
  • Pre-filtration Unit:

  • SPECTRUM Filter cartridge 10″ Phosphate Crystal
  • SPECTRUM Filter Active Charcoal 10 µm 93/4″
  • UV-lamp:

  • UV-lamp 14W, lifetime approx. 2000-3000 hours
  • Spectrum Pure Cartridge:

  • The Spectrum Pure Cartridge is specifically designed for the WSU 2 plus device range to produce ultrapure water with a conductivity >18MOhm.
  • The Spectrum Pure Cartridge is ready to use filled with a strongly acidic cation exchanger and a strong alkaline anion exchanging resin.

WSU 2 mini Order Information

Roche Material Number Description Product Picture
10304910001 Water Supply Unit 2 mini, 20 L/h
10299452001 Pre-filtration Unit
10300868001 SPECTRUM Filter Active Charcoal 10 µm 93/4″
10304987001 UV-lamp WSU 2 mini
09870504001 SPECTRUM Pure Cartridge filled
1036637001 Sterile filter WSU 2 mini (0.2µm)
08452300001 Filter element active coal 4 7/8″ (5µm)
Spare parts
Spare Parts List

Downloads: Fileder WSU 2 mini

Owner’s manual WSU 2 mini
Version 20 l/h – EN


Trouble Shooting Guide


SPECTRUM Cartridge Quick-System – DE


Technical Data Sheet SPECTRUM Pure Cartridge – EN


Quick Start Guide – EN