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Fileder Water Supply Unit


Technical specifications WSU2

  • Pressure reducer in the inlet
  • Pre-filter 10 “in the inlet
  • Flush and vent valve
  • Sterile filter on left and right before consumption
  • UV disinfection
  • Temperature compensated conductivity display
  • Adjustable conductivity monitoring
  • Wall mounting plate, option to install it on a trolley




Total Organic Carbon (TOC)


60-120 liters/hour @0.5 bar

<1.0 µS/cm

< 10 cfu/ml

<10 ppb

0,2 µm

1st Order List

Materials Description
WSU Water Supply Unit (WSU) including Polisher Cartridge and Demineralizer Cartridge
Accessories UV-Lamp WSU (3,000 hours life-span)
Consumables  Demineralizer Exchange Resin WSU 10 L
 Polisher Exchange Resin WSU, 3 L
 Sterile Filter WSU 0,2µm
 Filter element Active coal 4 7/8″ 05µm ROCHE WSU

Technical details WSU2

  • Control unit: 

  • Colored display with conductivity no 1 and  no 2; display with UV-lamp  „on/of“ ; on ergonomically working height
  • Control system: Supply voltage 100 volts – 240 volts. Input power 5W
  • Ambient operation temperature: 10°C – 45°C
  • Adjustable alarm for resistivity: From 25 µS/cm to 1.5 µS/cm
  • Sterile filter:

  • 2x sterile filter with filtrate connections
  • Membrane: 0,2 µm
  • Filtration performance: 2,5 l / min
  • Max. filtration pressure: 2,0 bar
  • UV-lamp:

  • UV-lamp 6W, lifetime approx. 3000 hours
  • Demineralizer:

  • Consisting of pressure vessel (∅ 25.3 cm x h 57.2 cm), 12 L, inclusive distribution system; distributor head with connectors incl. adapter; incl. filling special mixed-bed resin (softening resin)
  • Polisher:

  • Vessel for purified water system with easy and quick changing of resin bag; size of bag approx. 3 L, material bag in nylon

All water-wetted parts are made out of plastic or stainless steel, so that the WSU can be operated with tap water as well as with deionized water.                        

Downloads: Fileder WSU2

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